Personal Injury

Personal Injury Claims

Dealing with insurance companies is always challenging, even for trained legal counsel.  It is almost impossible for an injured individual unrepresented by counsel.   Let David deal with all issues on your behalf.  Your fees will always be paid out of the proceeds of settlement or trial, so there is no expense unless there is recovery.  David handles personal injury claims involving significant damages arising from:

  • motor vehicle accidents
  • motorcycle accidents
  • pedestrian accidents
  • medical negligence claims
  • falls

While it is David’s goal to settle these claims without litigation when possible (80% of personal injury claims settle prior to an actual trial), it is important that your attorney be willing to litigate and try your case if necessary.  Full settlement value cannot be obtained from any insurance company unless there is a willingness to litigate.  David is an experienced litigator.

For more than 30 years, David has resolved hundreds of personal injury cases for his clients with settlements/judgments ranging from $10,000 to $1,300,000.  The following is a small sample of results:

  • $1,300,000 (pedestrian/automobile)
  • $875,000 (pedestrian/shuttle van)
  • $825,000 (motorcycle/automobile)
  • $550,000 (medical misdiagnosis of minor)
  • $375,000 (medical misdiagnosis in ER)
  • $350,000 (slip-and-fall)
  • $250,000 (slip-and-fall)
  • $165,000 (automobile)
  • $160,000 (automobile)